Sunday, 22 April 2018

10 Reasons I follow Luke Coutinho that might interest you

Luke Coutinho, I call him a “Man with a Mission”, a very big mission of helping people around the globe to live a happy, healthy and long life. He has a vision for the whole world to be a healthy place so that pain and suffering is reduced and diseases are prevented before they can even manifest. He does this by guiding and empowering people with his knowledge and also through consultations.

I am writing this article based on my real life experience where I have managed my health issues with Luke’s guidance which gave me much needed strength and courage to live my life happily again. Please note that I am not a medical professional and these are personal observations based on my experience that I am writing so that someone else can also find a solution for their health issues in their life too, just the same way I have found. Please note that before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet one must consult the doctors and always keep them informed about your plans and progress and also listen to your body.
Here are the reasons why I follow Luke:

1.     The approach is based on holistic healing.
In holistic healing, patients are treated as a whole and this approach promotes balance in mind, body and spirit which prevents a disease or heal an existing disease and encourages good health. When we follow a holistic approach, we not only treat the disease but it also enhances overall wellbeing.  This approach, when combined with modern medicine (if someone already has been on), can help a person heal naturally.

2.     The focus is on healthy lifestyle.
Luke calls lifestyle “the magic weight loss and health pill.” I have gone on and off multiple diets for half of my life and I cannot stress more on how important it is to change the lifestyle rather than changing the diet every now and then which is detrimental to health. When lifestyle is changed, automatically we become healthier and reduce weight and feel a heightened sense of wellbeing. Luke insists on changing lifestyle in his teachings and guides you how to do that.

3.     Prevention is at the centre of the plan.
We all know that prevention is better than cure but we don’t know how to do it. Luke focuses on prevention and guides regularly how to prevent illnesses through his Facebook page and videos. His regular detoxes and other inputs enable the prevention and thus avoiding a major disease in the future.

4.     He empowers you with knowledge.
When we get stuck with our health or fitness, it is basically the lack of knowledge that comes in our way to achieve our target. Once we understand what exactly is missing we can then open the possibilities for better health. Luke’s regular videos do exactly the same job which he updates regularly.  When we follow the videos, there are instructions on how to implement whatever we have learnt and he explains it in detail with simple instructions and easily doable steps.

5.     He addresses the issue at the roots.
When I suffered chronic acidity and felt miserable, I started listening to Luke’s videos and started making small but gradual changes in my lifestyle. I listened to all his videos and came to know exactly what was causing it and once I corrected it, I have now managed to remain acidity free most of the time. Similarly, there are other areas where he guides in similar fashion.

6.     I got connected to my roots.
Most of us have lost connections with our ancient wisdom when we moved away from our origin or we do not have anyone to guide about our age-old remedies. Most of Luke’s videos and posts contain remedies which are rooted in our traditional wisdom; something that most of us have forgotten or do not know how to make it. Luke provides guidance using the simple remedies and explains in detail how exactly we should take it and also provides notes and recipe on how to make it and even explains why they work. Most often these are the same remedies that our grandparents used to make but we have forgotten how to use or do not know the recipe. By following his videos, I automatically got back to my roots and will keep the ancient wisdom alive. 

7.     His knowledge is bridge between modern research and traditional wisdom.
Luke’s knowledge connects modern science with traditional wisdom. While his guidance is totally scientifically backed up, there is a strong traditional connection as well. This is quite a unique combination. He supports modern scientific treatments and also incorporates traditional wisdom which enables and accelerates healing naturally.

8.     His instructions are really simple, easy and doable.
Simplicity is really important when you make changes in your lifestyle. If the lifestyle changes are complicated or difficult to implement, we often get put off by it and cannot follow it for longer period of time.  Unique in the approach, his instructions/advice/remedies are really simple, easy and doable.  Most of the ingredients used in the remedies are found in the kitchen or they are easily available in the market. This makes it easy to follow and implement, thus resulting in permanent change in lifestyle resulting in great results.

9.     He guides and motivates throughout.
Luke often throws a challenge like taking 10000 steps every day (for a month) or giving up sugar for few days and many more and he motivates to follow and guides throughout the challenge. When I took 10000 steps challenge (which I was trying on my own for many decades without success), I did reach the goal and overall progress for the month was highest in 5 years. That is the magic of his guidance and motivation.

10.   His vision, mission and approach inspire and motivate me to make changes in my lifestyle every day.
Motivation and consistency is another problem when we are trying to make permanent lifestyle changes. When I came across his page, I was so inspired to make permanent changes in my lifestyle, diet and overall attitude, it keeps me motivated to be on the right path and I continued to do better with each passing day, slowly but steadily improving my health.

I have learnt a lot following his articles and made a lot of changes in my lifestyle and the sole purpose of this article is to provide hope and insight to others who may be suffering or just want to enjoy better health. Hope this helps others as much as it has helped me. I would again like to remind that before making any changes in the lifestyle, please keep your doctors informed and seek guidance before making any changes and make slow and gradual changes keeping current health condition and fitness level in mind and take responsibility of your own health.

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